Marky Ramone Feature On CVLTNation

January 15th 2018 - News

“For me, few can say they’ve done cooler things.

In the seventies, Marky Ramone seems to have drunkenly happened upon arguably three of the most crucial bands of the era. Dust, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the colossus, The Ramones. Whenever someone asks him, he’s nonchalant, humble even. He’s naturally excited people still care. I’m here to say: that’s not enough, Marky.

The first time Bob Quine (The Voidoids) encountered him, he described him as a “hippie stupid-looking guy.” He walked into the Voidoids practice space not sure what to expect. He was there to play guitar with them for the first time.“I walked into the studio, and there was Marc Bell guzzling vodka in the corner. Marc had these two chicks with him…”. What a miraculous scene.

That cretin on the floor had already done so much. Playing since the late 60’s, Marc had already released two albums with Dust, 70’s hard rock beasts. Now we see them as one of the bands that were at the helm of pioneering American heavy metal. The Dust self-titled (1971) and Hard Attack (1972) are essentials for anyone claiming to have a heart of rock and roll and balls of heavy metal. There is no dispute.”
-James Kirn | CVLTNation

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